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Welcome, 2019!

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what my review-post of 2018 would sound like. Accomplishments? Conclusions? Regrets? Facts? Thoughts? But probably the most important lesson of the last years was (again) not to force anything out. If the gut feeling tells me this is not worth following or doing, than probably this is […]

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The Two Secrets of Beautiful Weddings

Today, I’ll tell you a story. In the end, you’ll know what the two secrets of happily pl[...]

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The Beautiful Silence

It’s the first time I ever blog in English so – please, bare with me and endure my liter[...]

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Despre Styled Shoots – pam!

Păi de când n-am mai dat eu așa un rant pe aici pe blog? Păi de când n-am mai scris eu fără p[...]

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Cum alegi wedding plannerul pentru nunta ta?

Trebuie să recunosc – Rareș m-a inspirat să scriu aceasta postare, nu este o idee original[...]

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