Destination Weddings in Romania – NEW!

Are you considering trying Romania as a destination for your wedding? Then you’ve arrived to the right place! We know everything about offering you the right advice for an extraordinary wedding in Romania.
Either if one of you (or both) are Romanian, and you are searching for the whole traditional experience back to the roots, or you’re just thinking about a modern party in an unconventional space, in a remote venue for your guests, I am pretty sure we can identify the right spot and vendors for everything you might have in mind.
We’re used to “long distance relationships” with our clients. We’re used to working and meeting people from all over the world. we can’t wait to show you the great places you can choose for your destination wedding here, in Romania.
Please, drop by and say hi, and maybe schedule a short Skype session to tell us more about your wedding plans in Romania.

Doru Buzea Photography