Welcome, 2019!

January 2, 2019

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what my review-post of 2018 would sound like. Accomplishments? Conclusions? Regrets? Facts? Thoughts?

But probably the most important lesson of the last years was (again) not to force anything out. If the gut feeling tells me this is not worth following or doing, than probably this is the best way of (not) having it. It’s nothing about superstitions or black magic, but the mere power of the subconscience, identifying familiar situations, experiences or personal reports, acting in a way just like Proust’s madeleine, and making you feel more or less comfortable with what you’re about to say, do or sign.

So I did not write unless I felt like it (which is today).

First, I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity of giving others a piece of my experience, and building a stronger segment of wedding planning services in Romania. You can find out everything about it here (click):

There is no doubt I’ve had a great year, although I keep on asking myself if I still want to go on here, in Romania. There is no doubt, though, that wedding planning is my big love and I’ll find a way of doing it no matter where life takes me. It was a year that started in the most beautiful way possible, with the Beautiful Silence and then just went on, in a very natural pace, with a great wedding at the Sinaia Casino (I can still remember the laughter, the happy tears, the great suspense about the weather).

Foto – Theo Manusaride
Foto – Doru Buzea

Then there was this great couple’s wedding, at the beginning of August, that I still feel grateful for – so young, so alive, so honest and so loving with everybody.

Foto – Vanilla Roads

It all ended with an amazing trio – two weddings at the Si-Lounge, in Bucharest, and then my bff’s wedding – as she married Spiderman himself (go ahead, be jealous, it’s ok).

Foto – Andrei Morar
Foto – Daniel Toader
Foto – Vlad Lodoabă

It was probably the most peaceful wedding season ever since for me – with great help from ma’ gurls from the Dalles Go Wedding Planning course.

These are the most important lessons of 2018 for me:

  • it’s ok to ask for help. and to receive it.
  • never, ever, ever panic, no matter how dark the times might look. Panic leads to dreadful decisions.
  • if people make you feel uncomfortable, you are probably making then uncomfortable too. Leave, before it’s too late and everybody gets hurt.
  • respect is normal – the lack of it is unacceptable, no matter what shiny clothes, sweet words or generous budgets it’s covered in.
  • you don’t have to be ashamed of having a work schedule that does not coincide with client’s spare time. A good client will respect your privacy, your life and your schedule and will try to find solutions to set meetings and talks. Good, kind, respectful clients do exist, you’ll just pass by them if you panic and make bad, impulsive decisions.
  • never walk past an opportunity to thank clients, to hug them, to make them feel important – they need to know they are important, that it’s not just ,,another wedding” (as it truly NEVER is).

2019 looks and smells as the best season I’ll ever be having. So go on, eat your Christmas leftovers, renew your gym subscriptions (that you’ll never really use) and let’s keep on keeping on! The show must go on – as it’s a splendid one. A tale of love, of human interaction, of invisible strings and magic connections. A bunch of feelings that make life worth living.

Let’s have a blast!

Foto – Vanilla Roads